Warped Senses is the umbrella of several game publishing structures. 

MADiFold Studio (US/NL)

MADiFold Studio is the main development studio of Warped Senses. Started in 2019, it created several mobile games and an app.


CIP (Creativity in Progress) Games is an initiative to be a game changer in game development. There is no time like the now, when it comes to people around the world trying to get into game development. BUT, the market of game development is harsh. Not only harsh, but it is fluid more so than the Atlantic Ocean. Many developers, indie developers do not validate for financial options or ‘pubishers’ support. They do their best to build a game and have some support by patreons etc. But CIP Games thinks different. The idea is that games in development are worth paying for. Not just as ‘early access’, but basically a development incent.